IWG Titus Plush Ber with Skull
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The Facts?? Soft and squishy, who can resist this cuddly bear? Once you get your hands on plush Titus, you won't be able to stop yourself from squeezing him uncontrollably. Titus and his I.W.G. crew have discovered yet another way to infiltrate and integrate into human society by getting to a human's core weakness for cuteness. The very first figure for Rocket World's plush series, Titus holds a plush human skull that detaches with velcro. New Limited Edition IWG Titus Plush Series: Insurgent Wilderness Gruppo (IWG) Manufacturer: Rocket World Artist: Patrick Ma Material: Plush Dimensions: 17.5? feet to ears (13.5? seated) Accessories: Removable plush skull Edition Size: 1,000 pieces

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