FLUFFY BOO BOO Chomping Plush

Fluffy Bad Bad, Chomping plush toy, badbad
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FluffyBooBoo Chompin' Plush Toy


BooBoo is a plush toy with a ghoulish past: he's a disembodied ghost who used to haunt and torment those who wronged him in life, but he recently had a change of heart. Now he's seen the light and uses his glow-in-the-dark powers for good. Bring him to life by putting your fingers in the two puppet holes in his back and use his plastic teeth to bite anyone who's been a bad boy or girl. They just might like it.




* Plastic Chew Toy Bone

* 'Boo Yah' 1" GID Button

* I <3 Chompin' Sticker

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